Qualifying Life Events

You may change your benefit elections outside of Open Enrollment only if you experience a qualifying life event (QLE). You have 31 days from the date of the event to report your qualifying life event.

To report a QLE please email lcgbenefits@piperjordan.com or call the Benefits Enrollment Center at 1-833-905-1423


Getting married, legally separating, or getting divorced

Entering or ending a registered domestic partnership

Entering into a registered domestic partnership


Birth of a child, adopting a child, obtaining legal custody of a child, or a death of a child


Attaining Medicare eligibility


Gain or loss of existing coverage

The benefits that you elect remain in effect until the end of the plan year (December 31), unless you experience a “Qualifying Life Event.” Qualifying Life Events are defined as marriage, divorce/legal separation, birth, adoption, death, loss/gain of other coverage, permanent reduction in hours to below 30 for four (4) consecutive pay periods, or begin/return from Leave of Absence. If you experience one of these events, you may be able to adjust your coverage. Contact the Benefits Enrollment Center for more information.

Important Note: You have 31 days from the date of the Qualifying Life Event to make changes to your coverage. Employees who do not make coverage changes within 31 days from the date of the event must wait until the annual open enrollment period.