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Who is eligible for benefits?

  • Yourself
  • Your legal married spouse
  • Your domestic partner
  • Your child(ren) up to age 26
  • Your verified dependents

How do I verify my dependents?

You must submit a government issued marriage certificate, birth certificate, or Domestic Partner Affidavit, within 30 days of completing your enrollment. Your dependents will not be approved for coverage if these documents are not submitted.
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What is a domestic partner?

A domestic partner is someone who is not related to you, who has lived with you for at least six months in a committed relationship. Domestic partners are eligible for benefits. For more information, contact the Learning Care Group Benefits Support Center at 833-905-1423.

When am I eligible?

You are eligible to enroll in benefits on your first day of employment, and you must enroll within 90 days of that date. Your benefits will take effect on the first day of the month that includes your 90th day of employment.

How do I enroll?

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